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Custom veneer table

Custom veneer table

For over 40 years we have been pressing our own veneer paneling for our clients. You cannot compare the beauty of hand matched and hand laid veneer able to be pressed in a range of sizes, against veneer panels cut from standard size panels off the shelf. No matter what level of detail the project requires, we can do it when it comes to veneering.

Solid Timber Processing

From custom mouldings, to solid timber tops we can do it all in-house. Our wood working machines include a top of the range spindle with hundreds of cutters, jointers and thicknesses, which allow us to meet your specific design needs. We also stock many species of timber to help speed up turnaround times.

Working with solid timber

Working with solid timber


We are set up with a 6x12m curtain spray booth, certified to Australian standards and best practice in health and safety. Depending on the project, we use a mix of in-house and external polishing to meet the project needs. We always ensure that polishing is finished at the highest quality. 

Whatever your project requirement is, from full gloss solid colour polyurethane, metallic polyurethanes, water based enamel or staining of timbers and veneers, we can do it. We currently use polyurethanes from Becker and Evic but are able to use other specified products as required.

Metal Work

Joinery is not just timber and board products. We are able to fold and cut stainless steel sheeting as well as manufacture light weight structural framing should your joinery require that extra support. 

We have manufactured extremely complex metal structures in-house such as a curved steel wine rack for the “Black by Ezard” restaurant to a custom boardroom table for Bankwest Perth.

shop drawing.PNG

Computer Aided Design to Computer Aided Manufacturing

Keeping ahead of the technology game

Computer Aided Design to Computer Aided Manufacturing is not new to us. We have been using CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques for over 16 years. 

Before CAD/CAM, Civardi used to produce 1:1 full sized set-outs of joinery on sheet ply. We then developed this process to CAD 2D set-outs and manual G-Code generation for machining on a rail CNC router.

With continual improvements in drawing technology and machining, we now utilise a suite of software technologies to produce fully modelled 3D drawings with instant machine code generation.

What are the advantages? Well accuracy, speed and consistency to name a few. From a design perspective, this type of technology opens up a whole world of possibilities which previously may have been too expensive or time consuming for designers to incorporate in their designs.

Where to from here? This is the million dollar question (literally). We see 3D printing and prototyping in the future. We have seen some development in this space which is making it more viable for mainstream use.

For more information on our technology partners please visit their websites:

Microvellum - used for the majority of our cabinet 3D drawing to machining processes

Trade Soft - EPR system for full factory management

Ardis - specialised optimising for complicated panelling

AutoCAD - for all 2D and some 3D design development