Civardi Furniture receives FSC® COC certification

Keeping ahead of the curve

Civardi Furniture is pleased to announce that on 10 October 2013, we received FSC® chain of custody (COC) certification.

As we believe in the future of green projects throughout Australia, this is a very important achievement for our business.

Our team is excited to now add FSC COC certified custom joinery to our product offering for our clients. FSC COC certification is held by only a handful of custom joiners in Australia, so we are proud to be at the forefront of our industry in this space.

Our FSC COC certification, together with our ISO9001 quality system certification (which we have held for over 17 years), will see us producing FSC COC custom joinery projects with the high quality that we are known for. We will also continue to offer custom joinery for clients’ projects which do not require FSC COC certification.

If you have any questions regarding our FSC COC certification, or we can assist in any other way, please feel free to contact us.

See more on FSC COC certification on our FSC Joinery page.


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