From discarded tree to a thing of beauty

Step 1 - source

Civardi sourced a discarded 40 year old Sydney blue gum (Eucalyptus Saligna) for this custom built bar table.

The tree was from the New South Wales Central Coast. It had dropped branches and was considered dangerous. It was lopped, salvaged and stored for about 4 years before Civardi sourced it for this project.

Step 2 - carve

At Civardi's manufacturing facility in Concord West, the log was carved to form the shape of a free form bar table, retaining its natural look as much as possible. 

Step 3 - fill & polish

The log was then epoxy resin filled, stained and finished with a special highly flexible polyurethane spray paint finish, to the client's specifications. 

Step 4 - deliver

The table was then delivered to site. Because of its size and weight (over 1,500 kg), it had to be lifted into the building by crane.  Finally, the table was put in place, where it is today. 

Black by Ezard log table

Black by Ezard log table